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SBS are entering 6 Bath Property Awards

SBS are entering 6 Bath Property Awards

We are proud to be highlighting our incredible team and developments across both SBS Design and Build and Saltford Kitchens by entering a staggering 6 categories at the Bath Property Awards!



Rising Star

Tom Coles – SBS

Residential Development

Eco New Build – SBS

Supplier & Services

Saltford Kitchens

Residential Interior Design

Eco House – Saltford Kitchens



Property matters to us all. Professionally in financial terms; aesthetically in its creativity; practically in somewhere to live or work. And Bath’s built environment is central to how our city is seen nationally and beyond.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

Saltford Kitchens
Our kitchens are there to be lived in. Whatever your style and tastes, we have a marvellous collection of kitchen designs, and the variety of finishes gives you even more choice.